Backyard Fit For a Fiesta Featured in Houzz

We are so pleased to have our project be featured as Patio of the Week on Houzz! Check out a snippet of the article below:

“In search of more square footage and outdoor space, a Manhattan, New York, couple headed to the Prospect Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, where they bought a ground-floor brownstone unit that shares a divided outdoor fenced-in patio with the second-floor unit.

But the compact, concrete-tiled patio needed lots of attention, including the addition of shade, privacy, comfortable furniture and plenty of greenery to turn it into the inviting, fun outdoor oasis the couple had moved to the area for. Not wanting to spend a ton of money after just buying a home, they reached out to local designer Alicia Hassen for a low-cost way to transform the space into a fun outdoor room for relaxing, having dinners with friends and hosting game nights.” - Mitchell Parker from Houzz


“Hassen created a cozy hangout area that includes a comfortable low-profile sectional that can seat five people. Durable pillows can be moved to the indoor-outdoor rug to provide seating for extra guests around a weatherproof concrete coffee table.

An inexpensive sail provides shade and privacy from neighbors above. Hassen hung it from pieces of wood she bought at a hardware store and stained to match the color of the fence.

Hassen partnered with Dirt Queen NYC to select the plants and create the plantscapes. Two Japanese maples (Acer palmatum), one red and one green, are the main attractions.

Ivy will eventually cover the concrete wall on the left. “It will add more lushness and create more privacy so [the space] feels like an enclosed outdoor oasis,” Hassen says.

A grill sits to the left of the sofa, just out of view.”


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