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Past Reviews

“Alicia is my go-to for my interior design needs. She has a great eye for spatial design, is extremely talented, and fun to work with! My home redesign blew me away, truly exceeding expectations. A huge perk were the designer discounts she transparently provides within her pricing package, which allowed me to get a few extra pieces and stay within my budget. Great experience and highly recommend if you are in the Brooklyn area.”

— Meagan

“Before hiring Brooklinteriors, I thought interior designers were just for the super-rich decorating their country estates -- but Brooklinteriors provides full-service, gorgeous interior design and project management expertise at an extremely reasonable price point. I cannot thank Alicia enough for everything she has done for our home and our family!”

— Lydia

Alicia has been a wonderful resource for me during my home interior decision making. She has exquisite taste, practical ideas, and is considerate of budget. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She went above and beyond to make my apartment (particularly my sons nursery) exquisite.

— Happy Client